It was after midnight when we returned to the hotel.The next morning I received an angry note from a guest saying he had been woken by a group of noisy musicians.Several other guests had been disturbed as well, the hotel staff informed us.The chaperones swung into action and demanded that I read the students the riot act.They wanted me to remind the kids that they had signed a contract prior to setting out on the tour forbidding them to consume alcohol or break curfew.Roz and I consulted on the telephone, from Brazil to Boston, and addressed the problem, as we always do, with the question, What distinction shall we make here that will bring possibility to the situation? A broken contract points to the dualism of good and bad, and leads into the downward spiral, so we looked for another framework in which to consider the young people’s behavior.I realized that while the rules for the tour had been carefully set up in contract form, I had never formally discussed with the kids their purpose for being in Brazil, beyond giving concerts.Purpose, commitment, and vision are distinctions that radiate possibility.Summoned to the auditorium, the diffident young players sat as far back as possible, their teenage bodies in various postures of exhaustion and protest.Last night after the concert, I began, a woman came to me and told me with absolute honesty that the two hours she spent listening to Mahler’s Fifth Symphony had been the most beautiful two hours of her entire life.You gave a great performance last night, and she was not the only one moved and changed by it. Their faces looked blank for a moment, as though they could not hear these words that were so unexpected.We came to show them the best of America!That great music is a way of communicating friendship and love.We came to show respect for Brazil!That teenagers can make great music!That music can be fun!That we are happy to be here!By now the answers were coming from all corners, and the faces were lit up with joy.When exuberance and ease were palpable throughout the room, I said, Of course, if you’d given a terrible concert last night, you probably would have all come home and gone straight to bed.It’s just surprising that they didn’t float any higher on sheer energy!But does waking the hotel guests at night represent the gift we wanted to bring the Brazilian people?You have to know where the track is to get back on, and you’ve all just expressed that beautifully.

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